What is Gramzies?
Gramzies is your personal Instagram photo printer.
Like an assistant to grab your Instagram posts
print them out, and deliver them to you each month.
You take the pictures and post your favorites to
Gramzies takes care of the rest.

Tell us where to send your Instagram photos

Like your home or office or even a friend (a real human friend).

Select an option:

Select Prints Based on Likes. Select Prints Based on Recent Pics

Give Instagram permission to share your photos with gramzies for printing

gramzies grabs 10 photos from your account each month.

Do you like to take control?

Tag any of your photos with #gramzies and it goes to the top of the priority list

Unlimited Control?

An ultimate option will print every photo you tag with #gramzies, all at once.
Once each month.
Photos will be process around
the same day each month.
We also send you the first pack of photos
right when you sign up.


Seriously? Do you care about preserving memories? What do you think will last longer...
images on a digital site or a printed photo in your care.
Give yourself a wonderful gift each month, a fun pack of your photos.


This is all about YOU stop beating yourself up for not printing your photos.
You can take care of this once and for all today
Instagram... We don't store your login or password. Instagram gives us a token to use
Payment... We don't store any payment information.
This is a standard best practice
Your private information. What is private... everything. We don't sell or share data.

Cancel anytime